Diversity Tickets

The Umbraco community is know as 'the friendliest community' around. The Dutch Umbraco Usergroup also want an effort toward diversity.

DUUGFest conference feels inspired by a diverse audience. Diversity on our stage is a key priority for us, and something we think hard about when we're selecting speakers — and we're working to increase diversity in our audience as well.

However, diversity and inclusion aren’t just about speakers. Even if we attract more and more diverse audience every year, there should be more actions done to speed up the process.

DUUGFest is open and welcoming to everyone. As improving the diversity should be one of the core values within the tech industry, we’ve decided to drive diversity and inclusion in our conference, too.

With this in mind, we’re giving away 10 tickets to people from underrepresented groups in the technology and/or open source communities who may not have the opportunity to attend DUUGFest for various reasons.

These groups include, but are not limited to, women, people of color, individuals with a disability, minority ethnic people, LGBTQIA people, and others.


​Diversity Tickets are available now by sending an email. Diversity tickets are awarded based on a combination of need and impact. Awarded recipients will receive a complimentary ticket to the conference. Diversity Tickets are limited to one per person.

Send your request to: [email protected]

We will be reviewing submissions and get back in 24 hours.

Please note, travel expenses are not covered under diversity ticket and are the responsibility of the recipient.

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