Ramona de Wit

Ramona de Wit

Works as Test Lead at AH IT Online and lives in Netherlands

Ramona has 15 years experience in IT and is specialised in testing. She likes that this profession is so diverse and that there is never a ‘dull' moment. Now, she is a Test Lead at AH IT Online and she is eager to change the profile of the “traditional” tester to an appreciated scrum team member who is specialised in testing and makes testing & quality a team effort, so the team has trust in the product they deliver. It’s a big challenge, but she surrounds herself with bright people who are passionate about testing and accept this challenge. In addition, she has a trick or 2 up her sleeve herself.... ;)

In her spare time, she runs her own foundation Stichting Kalyani and does several projects in Sri-Lanka for (orphanage) children, schooling them in the basics of a computer and English. Besides this, she loves to spend time with her husband and two sons, whom she adores and cherishes the most in this world.


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